• Our Story

    Once upon a time, a dada came home with the wrong detangler(gasp)!

    Parents, we've all been there, staring at badly organized shelves at your local store or searching endlessly online for safe, clean, tear-free labels on bath goods for your precious littles.

    After working for more than 20 years in the professional cosmetics space along with being a licensed esthetician, Eber knew that green washing was โ€œa thingโ€ in the personal products industry. But she was shocked to learn it was even more present in baby and kid products.

    Like a superhero to the rescue, Clean Cub Club was created, so parents get a box full of fun, picked by you (based on your needs and age of children) grooming goods delivered straight to your door. And, better yet, we get these goods directly from trusted brand partners so there's no fear of diverted goods(an evil way to sell you stolen, fake, or expired products) and we support small businesses.

    Our goal is to make grooming cool, fun, affordable and always safe.

  • Our Founders


    Co-Founder & Mama of cubs

    With over 20 years of CPG experience at some of the biggest companies like the Estee Lauder Companies, Shiseido, AmorePacific and L'Oreal, having a baby changed everything. She saw a gap in the market for finding safe and effective grooming goods for her kids. One evening after yet another tear-filled bath time with her two cubs, the idea of Clean Cub Club started!


    Co-Founder & Dada of cubs

    A veteran in the digital space, Jake has helped brands like Everyday Health, Canary, Classic Tee's, Talkspace and more grow while always being customer-centric with the client's digital journey. He is a seasoned veteran regarding customer lifecycles, and knew a lot more about subscriptions than anyone else at the dinner table. After one too many trips to a store with no luck finding safe shampoos, he agreed that dads (and moms) need help!

    So, cheers to a dad who truly is our hero... especially for believing in less tears and more fun in everything grooming-related.

Thank You for believing in our dream to make bathtime cool(and fun) again... created more for the parents who've had way too many eye stings and ingredient-Googling nightmares, like us!