*Just a few things

We'll always strive to be honest and transparent as a brand, with that said there are a few disclaimers listed below. Feel free to reach out with any additional questions - we look forward to helping you.

  ✨ You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

   ✨ The value of the boxes will vary based upon selection and availability.

  ✨ Your card will be charged prior to your next box shipping out, you will receive an e-mailed notification about selecting your next box and the pending charge. The receipt of this e-mail is approval for your reccuring subscription charge.

  ✨ There are no returns, refunds, or swaps (sorry).

  ✨ If you do not custom select items for your next expected box, we will either send the same/similar box or a completely different random box based upon availability.

  ✨ Always consult with your dermatologist or doctor prior to using any new ingredient. Seek medical attention immediately if reaction occurs. Never take any grooming goods internally (unless meant for). Avoid direct contact with eyes. We as resellers do not hold any responsibility for brand's product offerings and/or reactions they may result in.

  ✨ Though we strive to be a fully clean brand, it is very hard to get 100% pure, clean and organic. We will get as close to it as possible and improve with every box the more we learn and find better products/brands!

  ✨ The Clean Cub Club is legally copyrighted and all of our likeness and concepts are property of The Clean Cub Co, LLC and cannot be distributed or altered without written consent from us directly.