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Kiss Kiss Goodnight Lullaby Wash

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The Lullaby Melting Balm Cleanser is a natural massage balm, gentle milk cleanser, and moisturizer in one, with a plant-based formula that cleanses your baby’s skin while providing long-lasting moisturization. Fragrance-free. Apply to dry skin and watch as the soothing massage gel magically transforms into a gentle cleansing milk when baby is placed in bath water, creating a nourishing milk bath. Unlike soaps and foamy cleansers that strip the skin, this oil-based formula deeply nourishes, leaving the skin lusciously soft and hydrated.


About Kiss Kiss Goodnight: Kiss Kiss Goodnight’s evidence-based products were developed by a mom-of-4 and chemical engineer to help children with sensitive skin develop healthy, resilient skin. The award-winning products are consciously crafted to help protect the skin microbiome, skin pH and skin barrier while providing feel-good bathtime rituals for children and peace of mind for parents. Winner of Best Baby Brand at the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2020.